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Offsite solutions

Our versatile, precision components combine to deliver exemplary offsite manufactured housing include...

  • Foundation solutions

  • Open wall panel solutions

With factory fitted insulation

Improves thermal performance with a range of insulation thicknes

With pre-installed windows systems

  • With noggins and bracing pieces to stabilise panels ready for precise mechanical and electrical installation on site

  • With pre-drilled holes for mechanical and electrical installations

  • Party Wall Panels

  • External Wall Panels systems

  • ​Range of factory-fitted cladding solutions

  • Floor cassettes

Choice of engineered flooring systems:

  • I-Joists

  • Metal web joists

  • Beams

    • We understand acoustics so we offer a range of decking finishes: standard, screed board and self-levelling screed

    • With the option of pre-drilled holes for mechanical and electrical installations

  • Truss Roof systems

  • Structural Panels

    • Spandrel panels, for fire separation

    • Gable panels

  • Pre-fabricated components

    • Dormer windows